Artist Statement
       The broad theme behind my work is healing.  I believe that creating and enjoying art are therapeutic processes that are good for the soul.  My intent is to make art that radiates positive energy by way of color and light.  I enjoy making art that is uplifting and I want the viewer to experience my creations as a mini environments of positive energy.  However, interpretation is a process that is completed by the viewer.  It is important for the viewer to interpret and relate to the artwork however they need to, and I appreciate and welcome this. Art is versatile. It is a reflection of the viewer; therefore each person will have their own interpretation.
        I have a BFA in Visual Art Studies from
University of North Texas.  I am a member of The North Texas Area Art League (, The Texas Visual Arts Association ( and Irving Arts Center.  Every piece of art that I create is a learning experience and my art builds upon its self.  If I had to classify my style I would say it is Contemporary with roots in Abstract Expressionism (Jackson Pollock), Color Field (Mark Rothko), Neo-Expressionism (Kandinsky), Art Nouveau (Gustav Klimt), and Photo Realism (Mark Adams). As an artist, I consider myself a painter, but I write poetry and build sculptures as well.
2002 Fall Show: Synopsis of the Heart
statement pdf
2004 Spring Show:
Spirit Cycle Brochure pdf
 2004 Fall Show:
Digital Brochure pdf

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