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organic tessellation of queen

Organic Tessellations

How to Draw Organic Tessellations Power Point
• Artist Escher Website
• Math Cats Website
• Totally Tesselled! website
Flexahedron - A Moving Sculpture!

bird's eye view perspective drawing
Drawing in Perspective
• How to draw in 1 point Perspective Power Point
Wikipedia - Draw in Perspective with Harold Olejarz
Brunelleschi, Inventor of Perspective Drawing Architecture
color wheel
Color Theory & Color Wheel

• Color Wheel Pro
• Color & Light, Color Cube Glossary
• Wiki-pedia Color Theory

Kinetic Art
• Kinetic Art Power Point
Designer Assignment
Designers Musuem
Chose your Designer - Power Point Example

dog clay whistle
Clay Assignments for Design

•Ceramics 101 PowerPoint
Clay Whistles PowerPoint
Texture / Pattern / Optical Art
• Hidden Animal Designs
Watercolor Assignments
Watercolor Techniques worksheet
Watercolor Brush Strokes worksheet
Watercolor Tips worksheet
• Watercolor Landscapes by the Masters
• Watercolor with Georgia O'Keeffe
Drawing Portraits
Tutorial on Drawing Portraits

Pointillism Project
Seurat and pointillism

Silk Screening Graphic Designers - Food Product Packaging

Desiging Public Art
•Look at Mustangs of Las Colinas William's Square
•More picture of the Mustangs at City of Irving
•Look at Chromosaurs at Dallas Museum of Natural History
Piñata Fiesta!
• Piñata Power Point

Fairy Tales & Puppets
•A Cultural Comparison of Little Red Ridding Hood
• What is a fairy tale? - Writing Fractured Fairy Tales
• Shakespeare's Globe Theater
• Pictures of The Globe Theater
• 3-D Virtual Tour of the Globe Theater
• All About Greek Theaters
• Pictures of Greek Theaters