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small star books
Hand made Books

• History of Bookmaking PowerPoint
Texture / Pattern / Value / Positive & Negative Space
line design in pencil
• Give Me A Hand Design

 colored pencil drawing tessellation
•Totally Tesselled! website
• Tessellation PowerPoint
• How to draw a geometric tessellation Power Point
• Flexahedron - A Moving Sculpture!
**Enter a Tessellation Contest**
• Draw Tessellations in Word Documents:
#1,     #2,     #3,     #4,    #5,     #6
glazed ceramic bowl with dog head
Clay Assignments

 •Hohokam Effigy Coil Pots PP
•Ceramics 101 PowerPoint
 color wheel
Color Wheel
• Color Wheel Pro
• Color & Light, Color Cube Glossary
• Wiki-pedia Color Theory
birds eye view of city
Drawing in 1 point Perspective

• What is Linear Perspective? Power Point
Wikipedia - Draw in Perspective with Harold Olejarz
• How to draw in 1 point perspective Power Point
• Student Art Gallery
• Block letter Example in pdf
• Brunelleschi, Inventor of Perspective Drawing
self portrait in pencil
Drawing Portraits

• Tutorial on Drawing Portraits
• Drawing Faces by Jessica Feinberg
• Drawing Faces the Lee Hammond Way
castle drawing in crayon
Drawing Castles

• Castles East and West Power Point
• Castle Explorer web site

blue values radial design
Mandala, Symmetrical Radial Design

•Manadala Project website
•Student Mandala Gallery
What is Mandala Sand Painting?
series of 4 relief prints
•Introduction to Printmaking
•Printmaking & Mary Cassatt
Paper Mache'
student wearing Polar bear mask
 Animal masks
Hidden Animal Designs
• Hidden Animals Power Point with Bev Doolittle